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Paseo El Valle
El Valle de Antón, Panamá


El Valle de Anton is a quiet mountain town located in a lush valley on the central mountain range of Panama.  It is blessed with spring-like weather year round and countless rivers and nature trails.  When the developers of Paseo el Valle engaged us to design a shopping center along the town’s main road we convinced them that the project was an opportunity to provide the town’s residents with public spaces and amenities.  The resulting masterplan, organized around parks, plazas and courtyards, was largely planned around the trees that existed already on the site.


The main tenant of Paseo el Valle is the large supermarket chain El Rey, with whom our office worked closely with in order to ensure that the scale of their store, its look, and even its signage, was sensitive to and at home in the small town context.  Today Paseo el Valle is a must-stop and a place to linger for anyone who visits el Valle de Anton.

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